Community First Responders This website provides detailed information on the Community First Responder (CFR) volunteers that work for the South Central Ambulance Service NHS trust.
What is a Responder? A Community First Responder or CFR, is a member of the public, trained by the ambulance service, who volunteers to help in their community by responding to 999 calls and medical emergencies before the arrival of the emergency ambulance.

Community Responder Group

Areas:Chesham and Amersham
Contact:Amanda Cundy on 01869 365111
About:There are currently four responders in our area: Tony, Stephen, Maggie and Bev.

SCAS are always on the lookout for new Community Responders, if you are interested in becoming a responder, please Click Here. If you don't fancy the idea of actually attending an emergency situation, groups always need organisers, fund fundraisers and volunteers who are willing to help in other capacities.

Please bear in mind that all the work that Community responders do is on a voluntary basis, the equipment has to be bought and maintained, which all costs real money. If you want to make a donation and help a particular group, or the scheme in general, whatever the amount, it is all very gratefully received and will make a difference!

Please Click Here for information on how to donate.